Twitter Retweet Web Application

Used: Python, Django, Redis, PostgreSQL, Celery, Tweepy
Description: It is a web application which retweets retweets a particular account’s tweets, on the registered user’s behalf automatically.
This application should be bound to a particular Twitter account. This Twitter account will be polled at frequent intervals (say, every 1 min, however, it is configurable) to look for new tweets. Once, we get a list of new tweets, a scheduler is set to retweet, from the registered users’ account, after a certain time elapse (say, 1 hour, this is configurable in settings too). On the other hand, we need user’s consent to retweet on their behalf. Hence, while the user registers himself/herself on the web application, he/she authenticates the web application, via Twitter OAuth 2, to retweet on user’s stead.
Application: This application was developed on a request from my colleague. He needed such an application to promote his business on Twitter. Hence, it can be used by others for similar purposes.